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New Commander for Biggar RCMP

Sergeant Dean Kabaroff started his duties with the Biggar Detachment this July 6. Originally from Saskatoon, Sgt. Kabaroff has been with the RCMP for 15 years and has spent the majority of his policing career in northern communities. This is his first posting as a Commanding Officer.
“It seems like a nice, clean, welcoming community,” Sgt. Kabaroff said, Monday. “We’re still feeling our way around here. I’m trying to get settled in the new job and in our new house.”
In the COVID world we find ourselves in, Sgt. Kabaroff is finding that getting out and meeting folks is a tough go. Cancelled community events, limited access to stores and facilities has meant the usual means of meeting and greeting is severely reduced. The residents he has met have given him a great welcome, and he is eager to get involved with the community.
“We are pretty community oriented,” Sgt. Kabaroff said about his wife and two girls. “We like to get in involved in the community.”
A former Saskatoon HIlltop, Sgt. Kabaroff is thinking about coaching. His girls play ball and hockey, so the RCMP in Biggar have a sport-oriented family, and one that is eager to get involved in area sports.
Sgt. Kabaroff sees the work his predecessors have accomplished and would like to build on it, touching on traffic enforcement, particularly on impaired driving, and other policing concerns.
“I have a drug [enforcement] background, so my goal is to start kicking some doors,” he explained, adding that Biggar is no different from other places he has policed. However, over his lifetime as an RCMP officer, he has seen the move from marijuana and alcohol to harder drugs like meth, cocaine and fentanyl. “Every community has drug issues at some level, and my goal is to start enforcing.”
Sgt. Kabaroff wants to keep the public in on the state of our area, involving them in the policing efforts for a preventative and enforcement collaboration.
Due to his previous stations and policing commitments, we will withhold from printing a picture of our new Commander, but if you wish to see him, Sgt. Kabaroff says he will soon be making the rounds about town.
Welcome to the community, Sgt. Kabaroff and family!