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Town of Biggar launches $5M ‘Our Future Is Biggar’ campaign

In addition to refurbishing Main Street, the project will transform underutilized land into a multipurpose park with a market area, festival stage and historic garden.
Biggar’s Mayor, Jim Rickwood is enthused about what this plan means for Biggar’s future.
“An animated and welcoming downtown core encourages commerce, is accessible to seniors, promotes active living, and celebrates our heritage,” Rickwood explained. “The community hopes this can be a success story and road map to re-establish small towns as vibrant, friendly and dynamic places to live and do business.”
Former Biggar residents, Ina Lou and Wayne Brownlee, inspired the revitalization by approaching the Town to explore meaningful ways their family could give back to their hometown. A community consultation process informed the development of the plan.
The Brownlees have pledged to match all donations up to $2.5M through their family foundation. Community fund raising begins this month spearheaded by volunteers who call Biggar and area home as well as former residents with fond memories of the town.
Beyond the $5M campaign, the Town of Biggar is committed to upgrading necessary infrastructure by partnering with other levels of government and may complete the work in phases.
“A local, volunteer committee has worked on this plan for the past two years and we are excited to see the project move confidently forward,” says Brett Barber, a local business owner and campaign volunteer. “That committee has transitioned into a growing fund raising team and we welcome everyone to join us.”
The volunteer campaign leadership team includes: Brett Barber, Gerald Baum, Wayne Brownlee, D'Shae Bussiere, Tammy Danychuk, Cheryl Desrosiers, Tim Hammond, Karen Jiricka, Jim Newton, Todd Peterson, Jan Phillips, Bill Wylie, Dale Wylie and Darla Saunders.