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Minister Says “NO” to SUMA and SARM

In a recent decision by the Ministry of Government Relations, the Miscellaneous Municipal Statutes Amendment Act, 2019, is to remain unchanged in regards to public notices being required to be published in newspapers.
“SWNA [Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association] has been lobbying the ministry for almost two years,” said SWNA Executive Director, Steve Nixon. “I am very pleased that the Ministry recognized the importance of keeping public notices in newspapers and, therefore, in the public record.”
Not everyone was happy with the news. The Mayor of Torquay and Municipalities of Saskatchewan Vice-President of Villages, Resort Villages, and Northern Municipalities, Mike Strachan, said “Not all communities have a local newspaper. Those without may be able to receive a newspaper from a larger municipality, but there is little local content. Little local content means few local readers. Having the flexibility to provide notices through other means ensures residents know what’s happening in their community.”
With the help of data provided by AdCanada, it was clear that statements like these were not based on any real evidence, which showed the exact opposite.