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Biggar’s Donor’s Choice campaign set for October 6 -8

This year’s goal is set for $25,000 with 33 charities included, 10 of which are local. Past history shows that half of the funds raised have stayed in the Town of Biggar and area.
Donor’s Choice is a volunteer-run organization administering a once a year collection for these charities with the aim of making it easier for a donor to give and to keep account of when and what they have given. The donor chooses as many charities as they wish to support and the amount given and receives an income tax receipt.
Names and addresses are not given out to these agencies or any other appeal mailing list. No more than two per cent of the donations are used for purchase of receipt books, postage and advertising, the other 98 per cent goes directly to your chosen charity.
This year Biggar Donor’s Choice will be doing a door to door drop of their charity information sheet along with a cover letter indicating methods for you to support our campaign on October 1. With the added stress of COVID-19, it has been very hard on people, thus Donor’s Choice felt canvassers would likely not want to call at households and businesses. Let us all keep everyone as safe as possible.
Biggar's Donor’s Choice have decided on three methods for you, the homeowner, to support this years campaign blitz.
You can use e-transfer, and this information will be in the letter delivered, take your donation directly to the Biggar Royal Bank, or have your information ready and call or text Jim Rickwood at 948-7897 or Jennifer Campbell at 948-4460 with your name, address, and when you are home, and they will drop by your home and pick up your donation.
Rural residents are encouraged to take your donation directly to the Royal Bank, as well.
Please be generous, as the future of this organization will be based on this years campaign.