Frequently Asked Questions

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Subscription & Billing

How Are Subscriptions Processed?

Print subscriptions are purchased directly with our team at The Independent Printers. Online subscriptions are processed through our website using Stripe as a payment gateway. 

All subscriptions are renewed on an annual basis. If you opt for an online subscription, you'll have control over your account renewal in your Account Dashboard.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We currently accept all major Credit Cards through Stripe (Online Subscription) and cash, check, and cards in-person.

When Does My Subscription Expire?

Online Subscriptions will expire 1-year from the purchase date. Our systems will send you a renewal reminder (for recurring subscriptions) and an expiration reminder (for those who choose not to enable automatic renewal).

In-person subscriptions currently expire at the end of December each year and renew beginning of January. We will prorate subscription costs if you subscribe sometime throughout the year.

Can I Update My Subscription?

You sure can!

Online Subscriptions can be updated inside of your Account Dashboard or by contacting our team. Paper subscriptions can be updated by getting in touch with our team directly or stopping in to visit us in person.

I Can't Access The Billing or Account Section....

This is likely because you are expired. Our system doesn't allow expired users to access either of those sections, unfortunately. To renew your account, you will need to use the renewal form on the subscription page while you are logged in.

Do Subscriptions Auto-Renew?

Online Subscriptions that have auto-renewal turned on will renew automatically, yes. In-person subscriptions will need to be renewed manually at the beginning of each year.

Where Can I Download an Invoice?

For Online Subscriptions, an invoice will be sent to your registered email upon successful purchase. You can also access your invoices in the Account Dashboard. 

Do You Store My Financial Information?


All payments are handled through Stripe. Our website connects to their servers to do all the processing and we are never able to see your credit card information in the process of registering. Everything sent to Stripe for payment processing is done over Transport Layer Security / HTTPS to encrypt it in transit.

Who Do I Contact if I Have a Billing Question?

You can Click Here to Contact Us or find a full-list of our contact information in the footer of this page

Profile & Account

How Are Passwords Handled on Your Server?

We take account security seriously. Our website has been developed so that passwords are not stored in plaintext on our server. Your password is salted + hashed in your browser before being sent and store in our database. Sample hash:


Can I Update My Password?

Yup! There's a few ways you can do this.

1. You can Update Your Profile from your Account Dashboard, which has fields to update your password at the bottom

2. You can Reset Your Password from the log in page if you forget it

3. You can contact our team to have a password reset link send to the registered email on file

What Password Requirements Do You Have?

Our website only requires that you use a password that is at least 12 characters in length. A strong password is one that you don't use elsewhere, is sufficient in length (hence our character mandate), and isn't easily guessed. 

See: Bitwarden - How Secure is My Password?

I Forgot My Password. Now What?

Don't fret! You can Reset Your Password from the log in screen. Our system will send you a reset link to the registered email on file. If you're still experiencing issues, our team can send you a password reset link manually.

Can I Delete My Account?

Yes. If you'd like to delete your account, you can contact us to have all account data removed from our site. Please note that deleting your account will remove all active online subscriptions. 

How Do I Update My Profile if I Am Expired?

You should still have full access to your Account Dashboard if you are expired. You can head over to Update Your Billing or Resubscribe Online. If you are unable to access these sections, please reach out to our team to troubleshoot.

Can I Share My Account with My _____?

The short answer: yes. At this time, we are not monitoring account usage information. 

But, we do ask that you be mindful of the small-business. It's fine to share your details with immediate family (a spouse, child, etc.), but we'd ask that friends and extended family purchase their own subscription. This helps keep our local newspaper up and running.

Some Content Is Restricted...

Yes, some content is restricted. We only allow paying members to access online subscriptions of The Biggar Independent.

If other content is showing up as restricted and you think you should have access to it, please Contact Us so we can get it sorted out. 

Reading The Paper

What Devices Can I Read the Paper on?

We've done our best to ensure that your reading experience is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

What if the Reader Isn't Displaying Properly?

Try turning your device sideways (unless you're using a computer, of course). Our paper is embedded from ISSUU and the integration wasn't specifically built for WordPress, so it can be a little wonky on some screen sizes.

I Think There's a Broken Link...

Broken links often end in 404 errors, which are no fun for anyone. Please report the link to our team via email so we can get it fixed. We do our best to check all links, but it's always possible that we'll miss something or technology will cause hiccups. 

Can I Read Past Publications?

Yes. Once you have access to an online subscription, you can access any previous articles we have shared here. We haven't backdated our uploads yet, but you can get in touch with us for a link to view them over on ISSUU. 

I Can't Access the Paper...

1. You might not have an active subscription.
2. You might be expired.
3. There might be a glitch with our system.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help troubleshooting.

Can I Share a Link to a Publication?

Sharing a link to a publication with another individual who holds an active Online Subscription is fine, as they will have the required permissions to access that content.

Sharing the link on say Facebook, however, will just display a generic featured image, link image, and a message telling anyone who clicks that link that they need to subscribe or log in.