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Town of Biggar launches $5M ‘Our Future Is Biggar’ campaign

The community of Biggar is embarking on a major revitalization project following Town Council’s approval of capital improvements.

The ghost across the river! by Bob Mason

We were young then, but as we grew up, the world outside our door gradually became “the world around us” until we finally accepted that new things were coming to us.

Council Minute highlights

The regular meeting of Biggar Town Council was held March 16, at 7:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Attending the meeting were Mayor Jim Rickwood, Aldermen Alan Boyle, Dakota Ekman, Nicole Hoppe, Kevin McNicholls, Edward Young, and Ivan Young.

The Saskatchewan Traveller by Trudy and Dale Buxton

Our journey continues on a right hand turn off Highway 16 heading southeast on Highway 2.