A Reflection for the Biggar United Church by Sue Bernier
Please note, the opinions expressed here are of the writer only and may not be shared by the Biggar United Church congregants or the United Church as a whole
The other day the boys were helping me in the garden and asked what a weed was. I explained a weed was something growing where it wasn’t intended or wanted. I used the example of a potato plant growing in the middle of your front lawn. A potato plant, in itself, is a good thing but not in the middle of your front lawn. We’re all familiar with weeds and we do our best to get rid of them, tame them or learn to coexist with them.
But what about God’s garden? Everyday on the news we see, hear, or read about a new crop of “weeds” set out to destroy the harmony of the rest of the garden. These “weeds” may not come dressed in fancy greenery and pretty flowers with names like Russian thistle, milk week, or dandelion. These “weeds” are coming dressed in hatred, contempt, and intolerance, among other things.
I am a believer that wearing a mask may protect myself, my family and maybe even you from contracting the covid 19 virus. I have been subjected to insults, stares, fingers waved (you know which ones) and name calling. What am I hurting by wearing a mask? I thought we lived in a country with freedoms.
The “weeds” aren’t just after those wearing masks- they are after people to look differently, speak differently, dress differently and live differently. Since we all live in God’s garden can we not learn to live in coexistence? I’m not asking you to like everyone but at least be tolerant. The colour of skin, the language spoken or the wearing of a mask does not hurt you. Please don’t feel it’s your right to hurt those who are different.