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Mom’s childhood, by her recollections, was full of love, laughter, and
happiness. Even though going through the “dirty thirties”, the family was
full of love for each other and sticking together through thick and thin.
I think that this tight knit family life is what laid the foundation for
mom’s strong sense of the importance of family. She loved and cherished
spending time through the years with all of her siblings and their
families as they each got married and started their own families.
Mom had a mischievous side to her, but it was tempered with innocence.
Stories of her childhood that she shared with us, were so funny and cute
that while telling us, she was laughing so hard that she could hardly get
out what she was trying to say, and she had us all in stitches. But it was
all in fun. And this was always a part of her character. You can just ask
her children and grandchildren about that twinkle in her eyes when she
would play a little joke on them, or conspire with them to play a trick on
the rest of us! She really had the heart of a child deep inside her. She
always loved children. Mom deeply loved each of her 4 children for who
we are. We were always loved and special in her eyes. Though we all
tested her patience numerous times over the years she was always
forgiving and loving. Her frustration melted away pretty quickly. Her
heart was just so full of love. I can’t tell you how elated mom was in
becoming a grandma! She was over the moon! She would tell me how
different it was to being a parent, and now, as a grandma, I know exactly
what she meant. She rejoiced in the time she spent with all 5 of her
grandchildren; Deb and Colin’s 3 children and my 2 children. She would
play for hours with them, doing whatever it was that they wanted to do.
Her playfulness was extraordinary and always a reminder to me that I
have a lot to live up to as a grandma! She was young at heart. The
grandchildren as well us children, all have our own memories with mom,
grandma, over the years that they will have to cherish and hold dear to
their hearts always. She felt blessed to be a great-grandma 4 times in her
lifetime. Megan’s daughter, Jordan and Curtis’s sons and Riley and
Alicia’s daughter . She was tickled at the great grandma status. Mom
had a trove of friends. For when you became friends with her, you had a
friend for life. She had a small handful of close friends, and several of
these that she would confide in. These bonds were deep and strong.
If I had to only use two words to describe mom’s character, they would be
“selfless” and “humble”. Of course, there are many, many more, but they
all would stem out of these two words. Mom was one of the most selfless
people that I know. She always put others before herself; anyone and
everyone, before thinking about herself. She truly was a nurturer. Her
love and caring for others was always true and authentic. Her warmth
and caring for others was one of the gifts that God blessed her with. Her
emotional intuition was also remarkable. She could sense when
someone needed a hug, a kind word, or encouragement. Mom was
always content in life, never asking for more than she had, from anyone,
content with what she was blessed with. When making arrangements for
today, I was asked if she had a favourite flower or something that could
be folded into today's celebration, I reflected on that for a minute and
said that she was grateful for anything she was given, or that came into
her life, and would tell us that we shouldn’t have gotten her flowers and
saved our money or bought ourselves something instead. Her humility
was palpable. Mom was always self conscious of not having gotten
further education and that she would say something that didn’t sound
intelligent with people that she didn’t know very well, but I thought mom
was wise and displayed discernment all the time; she was self conscious
about her figure and the fact that she was “curvy”, but I only saw her
beauty, inside and out; she was self conscious about being a bit timid at
times, but I saw a woman full of courage, who faced trials and
tribulations that she was given, head on, in her quiet and humble
manner. Mom cared for and comforted scores of people throughout the
years, in many ways; one being her abilities to make the most delicious
meals you’ve ever had. She told me that she always added a secret
ingredient to everything she made: LOVE!
Her grandson, Riley, said that “When I think of Grandma, I picture the
kindest, sweetest lady I’ve ever known. She was also the best cook. I
always loved going to Landis to visit Grandma and Grandpa, knowing I
was going to get some of Grandma’s cooking. You would always have
seconds, if not thirds, and she would always ask you if you were still
hungry.” Jordan, her grandson said “The more I think about it, my
grandma Ethel was the most fascinating person I know. Growing
up in the 1930’s, she valued what she had and never wasted anything.
She was a hard worker who never complained. She put everyone else
before herself, and was never selfish, almost selfless to a fault. She loved
being a grandma, my grandma! She would let us do things like have an
out of control bubble bath and play soccer with my brother, Jared, and
myself in the yard and she would run really fast. She was very proud to
tell her friends all about her grandchildren, and she really saw me for
who I am, and loved me always. She taught me many lessons, and most
of them indirectly, the most important one of being humble and selfless.”
The last 5 years or so had been, for mom, a time of great emotional pain,
loss and sorrow. She couldn’t remember, even to her last day on earth,
that dad had passed away. So, every day she relived the first time I had to
tell her that dad had died, over and over again, and it took it’s toll on her.
His death seemed to accelerate the Alzheimer’s Disease. This disease is
insidious. It is like a thief that keeps stealing from you, bit by bit; your
memories, your cognitive abilities, and finally your life. But mom, I can
say, met this head on, with grace and dignity, as best as she could. She
learned to not let it define her or who she was. It was a big ask, but she
was remarkable! For Clifford and I, it was an honour to do our best to
look after the needs she had, and to be right along side her, lifting her up,
holding her hand, supporting her through this road of trials. We made
new memories and friends along this road. We sought only to love and
care for her in ways that honour God and gave her dignity. Mom may not
have been able to remember what she did 5 minutes earlier, but she
always recognized Clifford and I, even when she couldn’t always
remember others she had known for years. She would say “I love you”,
even when speaking became difficult for her, to both Clifford and I ,
whom she said she loved like a son. As the Alzheimer’s Disease
progressed, she was having difficulty in speaking, and conveying her
thoughts and wishes. But I could usually tell what she wanted to say to
us by looking into her eyes and watching her facial expressions. She
tried very hard to relay her feelings. On Friday, the day she passed away,
she wasn’t responding to anyone really. Her eyes were closed. But as I
held her hands all day and kept speaking to her and reassuring her that
everything was all right and that Clifford and I were there with her, and
would always be there with her, that we loved her and that there was
nothing to fear, she squeezed my hand. She knew that we were there!
But, now she is in God’s presence, there’s no more disease or death, her
body will be transformed as well as her mind, suffering will be surpassed
by glory and will be standing fully restored, honouring God.
Frank Mirosovsky
Frank was born and raised in the Marriott District where he also got his schooling. He farmed with his dad and later his two brothers, Charlie and Otto, joined them. It was hard work, picking rocks plus chores, field work, and harvest which was all done with horses. The worst was during the winter when they had to load grain by hand into the sleigh box (it held about 60 bushels) and haul it nine miles to Valley Centre sitting in an open sleigh. Those were hard times but also good times. Frank was young, strong, full of energy, and ready to challenge any job.
Frank enjoyed going to dances, July 1st picnics held at the Czech Hall with his siblings, and enjoyed when the cousins from the States came to visit. Many wiener roasts were held in the evenings when the sky was lit up with millions of stars. Frank would talk about Halloween and how he and his friends played tricks on the neighbors but were lucky never to get caught otherwise they would have been in deep trouble.
Later in life he met his loving wife, Ann. They were married in 1959 and moved to a farm south of Biggar. There was no electricity or phone. As the years went by they gradually got power, phone, and plumbing. They raised chickens, hogs, and cattle. He even trained a milk cow to pull a stone boat which they used every day in winter to clean the barn. Then he would lead the cow to the field where he spread the manure. Frank also pampered the cats and made sure they were fed and warm throughout the winter. Frank loved music. He and Charlie ordered sheet music through the mail and taught themselves how to play the accordion. He enjoyed going to many dances with Ann , his siblings, and friends as here were many great live bands playing the old-time music they enjoyed. Saturday evenings were spent listening to the Old Time Dance Party on the radio. Life was great and many sweet memories were made.
Frank loved to plant the garden and plenty of different trees, especially evergreens and a variety of fruit trees. There was always enough fruit for canning, poultry, and animals for butchering for the winter.
Frank enjoyed driving around the country watching the different crops grow. Although farming was always his main interest, he was also a carpenter and an electrician. He wired their first home and all of their outbuildings as well as doing wiring for some of his friends. Frank also did income tax for himself, his family, and his friends until it got too complicated.
Frank and Ann farmed for 55 years until 2014 when they moved into an apartment building in Biggar. Frank was 84 years old and said it was time to move on. Shortly before they moved, Grank was on the roof in the winter shoveling off the snow. When he got down from the roof he said, “I can't do this anymore.”
Frank and Ann celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on November 7, 2019. Frank passed away at the Biggar Hospital on November 10, 2019 with Ann by his side.
Frank is survived by:
his loving wife of 60 years, Ann
sister, Rose Danychuk, her children Stepen (Andrea) Danychuk and Nancy (Jack) DeBussac and their families
sister, Mildred Prokop, her children Sandra Prokop, Doug (Shelley) Prokop, Garry (Barb) Prokop, Sharon (Dan) Melchoir and their families
nephew, Randy (Alice) Mirosovsky and their families
niece, Pavla (Glenn) Friesen and their families
nephew, Rod (Jodie) Mirosovsky, and their families
niece, Bonnie Mirosovsky-Morrice and her family
niece, Amber Mirosovsky (Justin Humen) and their daughter
niece Danae Schell and her son
brother-in-law, Vince (Beverly) Pasdernick, their children Ron (Della) Pasdernick, Darrin (Ann) Pasdernick, Brent (Yumi) Pasdernick and their families
sister-in-law, Mary Hradecki, her children George (Marilyn) Hradecki, Morris (Joyce) Hradecki, Jerry (Darlene) Hradecki, Ruby Hradecki, Emily (Norbert) Proulx and their families.
Frank was predeceased by:
his parents, Frank and Mary Mirosovsky
in-laws Joseph and Emily Pasdernick
brothers and sisters-in-law, Charlie (Ruby) Mirosovsky and Otto (Mary) Mirosovsky
brothers-in-law, Len Prokop, George Danychuk and Bill Hradecki
nephew, Jeff Mirosovsky
niece, Sherry Mirosovsky
nephew, Michael Morrice
Gerein Funeral Service in Biggar entrusted with the arrangement. 306-948-2669.
Donald(Richard)Johns peacefully passed away Monday Nov. 25,2019 at the age of 75 yrs old in Prince George,BC. He is survived by his wife Yvonne,daughter Vickie(Keith) Keira and Ryder,son Jason(Susan) Asa,Ezra, and Silas,step granddaughter Chloe and her son Obadiah.Also Richards siblings Bobby(Sharon),June(Bob),Judith(Duane),Ruth,and Peggy and their families.Richard was the son of Victor and Mary Johns of Biggar.


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Thursdays at Redeemer Lutheran Church from 9:30 to 4:30 pm, join our quilters or drop off material or blankets for quilts. Many quilts a year are made to send to refugee camps as well as pillow case dresses. We welcome gently used sheets or tablecoths of firm weave, material from gramma's stash that she didn't get around to sewing; garage sales finds or old blankets you no longer need. Everyone is welcome to come and help. If you don't sew, you can rip material and cut squares or iron. Bring your lunch and help others in need. Stay tuned for the blessing and bundling in the spring.
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Donald(Richard)Johns peacefully passed away Monday Nov. 25,2019 at the age of 75 yrs old in Prince George,BC. He is survived by his wife Yvonne,daughter Vickie(Keith) Keira and Ryder,son Jason(Susan) Asa,Ezra, and Silas,step granddaughter Chloe and her son Obadiah.Also Richards siblings Bobby(Sharon),June(Bob),Judith(Duane),Ruth,and Peggy and their families.Richard was the son of Victor and Mary Johns of Biggar.


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Land for lease in RM of Marriott #317; NE 1/4-21-32-15; 133 ciltivated acres; also SE 1/4 21-32-15, 140 cultivated acres; Highest or any tenders not necessarily accepted. Closing date is December 31, 2019. Tenders plusGST submitted to P.O. Box 577, Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0