New York is Big but Biggar is Biggar

On August 19, 1909 the first edition of the Biggar World rolled off the presses with H. Dillingham as editor. In 1910 Dillingham sold the newspaper to W. J. Huntingford who rechristened it The Biggar Independent, a name which continues a 100 year tradition of conveying local news to subscribers.
In 1912, D.J. Stuart apprenticed with H. C. Skinner who purchased The Independent in 1914, a time when every stick of type was handset. In 1921 a modern linotype (which set type mechanically) and an effi cient fl at bed press was purchased.
Bill and Kay Morphy were publishers of The Independent from 1956-1974. At this time a new two-unit web offset press was purchased. This hot-type letterpess method of producing a newspaper was the latest in technology. In 1974, The Independent was purchased by Terry and Cheryl Coombs. During this time the presses were sold and the printing of the paper was outsourced.
Jack Hamilton purchased the paper in 1978. During his time computerized typesetting equipment was installed. In 1989, the present owners, Daryl and Margaret Hasein, purchased the newspaper. As past publishers before them, they also purchased new equipment. At this time a desktop publishing system was implemented which further streamlined the operation.
As technology evolved so did the industry. The Biggar Independent has been one of the fi rst to embrace this technology but through the years the underlying mandate was, and continues, to be telling the story of local news through our pages covering the end of World War II, the rise to fame of Olympic Gold Medalist Sandra Schmirler, the legendary Hanson Buck and the tragedy of the VIA Rail accident.
The Biggar Independent has been the recipient of many awards on both the provincial and national level. The various publishers have served on the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association. While proud of these accomplishments our commitment remains to covering local news.


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Key Findings:

  • Community newspapers reach more women than any other medium, a key demographic to difficult to reach in other media.
  • Community newspapers reach all upscale demographics -- professionals, well-educated, affluent customers
  • Community newspapers are better read than daily newspapers
  • The Biggar Independent outperforms all other media
  • One insertion in The Independent reaches more Biggar adults than all market radio stations combined (82% vs 59%)

Audited Circulation

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All circulation fi gures for The Biggar Independent are audited figures. Audits are performed by CMCA.

Circulation: 1,683

Market Area

Market Area


Total population (trading area): 10,371
Total Number of Households: 2,290
Average Household Income: $52,710