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Inrterested gather to participate in strategic planning

It is not surprising that Biggar has a number of wins -- from minor sports, recreation, very active arts community, Majestic Theatre, to its solid downtown core. The town has health care services, licensed day care, post-secondary education opportunities. It was noted that there is lots, lots, to do in Biggar.
There are some downsides and a great deal of discussion centered on the lack of volunteerism. Or rather, the bodies needed to keep the volunteer community alive. One participant made mention of the fact that the Air Cadets organization is looking for a leader and if one is not found, there is the likelihood the group will no longer exist.
The downside for the business community was the fact that Main Street is aging. The problem was not, that the businesses were not viable, rather that there were no buyers. So, when owners want to retire they will just close the doors.
One comment was that what is needed is for the town to be marketed. Many commented on the fact that other communities actively seek more residents -- Camrose, Warman, Martensville.
The stakeholders worked through a SWOT -- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and only went 15 minutes overtime. After lunch, town council remained and continued the process.