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Peyachew unveils monument

The work honours missing and murdered indigenous women in the province. The Red Star Dancer is a life size bronze statue depicting a fancy dancer with her shawl becoming the wings of an eagle. The cloud she dances on will light up at night.
Peyachew said he was inspired by the story of Amber Redman. Redman was murdered in 2005. According to her mother, Gwenda Yuzicappi, Redman’s traditional fancy dancing is reminiscent of an eagle in flight.
The work is described as “an angel, in flight, on a cloud; white wings to represent purity” by Peyachew. The icons on the shawl include a tree of life which represents longing for life; butterflies represent freedom and flowers represent beauty and femininity.
When the statue was unveiled in May, speakers were heard to describe it as a starting point for vigils, walks and a place of hope.
Lionel is Associate Professor Fine Arts, First Nations University, Regina Campus. He is the brother of Jim Peyachew, a former Biggar resident..