Biggar Majestic Theatre has a position for you!
The Majestic Theatre is a volunteer run community facility that is looking for a paid contract position for a Custodian.
The job will include but is not limited to the following:
- Cleaning and preparing the theatre for upcoming events and movies, (list of cleaning duties will be provided).
- Maintaining inventory of the cleaning supplies, paper products, softener salt and any other products needed.
- Lawn care and general outside maintenance throughout the year. This would include snow removal and ice removal of sidewalks and weed control around the building.
- General maintenance of the inside of the building. This would include replacement of light bulbs, cleaning windows and small fix jobs.
- Reporting monthly to the Theatre Board with a written report detailing hours worked, duties performed and any concerns to be reviewed by the board.
- This contract position will be managed by the successful applicant. (If the individual cannot fulfill their duties for a short period of time, it is up to them to find a trustworthy individual to perform the duties and it is the contract holder’s responsibility to pay that individual.)
- This position will pay $20 per hour of reasonable work time. Monthly hours will vary.
- This position will require an able, mature and agile person that can lift upwards of 60 pounds.
Please send your résume to:
Drop your resume off at:
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104 - 2nd Ave. East, Biggar

Are you looking for highly rewarding part-time work? Do you enjoy working with Youth? Are you 
looking for adventure? Our organization namely the Air 
Cadet League of Saskatchewan is looking for individuals 
that can be a positive influence on youth aged 
12-19 years of age. 
This position will require a national screening check, drivers abstract and character references. The position may include supervision, instruction of variety of topics, 
administration, and some travel with overnight stays may be required. Assets for this position would include 
previous work with youth, enthusiasm, willing to learn 
new skills, willing to listen, previous cadet or military 
experience, and/or any technical skills. This position can provide financial compensation once it’s determined a 
good fit. All Training will be provided free of charge. For
more information and to set up an initial phone interview, 
please contact: 
David Deswiage 
Director Air Cadet League of Saskatchewan 
Interim Chairperson #300 Fisher Biggar SSC