Thank you to Margaret Scheaffer for cleaning Gordon's house.
…The family
Thank you everyone who came to brother Gordon Kurbis' funeral on November 3; and a big thank you to the pallbearers and Grondin Funeral Service. It was very sad to lose the third brother in only three years. God bless everyone and please thank our Heavenly Father for all our blessings in Canada. Here's my poem I wrote about Gordon… from sister Margaret.
Brother Gordon by Margaret (Kurbis) Scheaffer
"Brother Gordon worked hard all his life,
He didn't take time to look for a wife.
I know he was lonely, and sometimes blue,
Because that's how some of us feel too!
Gordon loved his beautiful red trucks,
They must have cost him a lot of bucks.
He went out for coffee every day,
Until his poor health took him away.
It was sad to see him lying there, but
sometimes the nurses put him in a chair.
he didn't make it home no more, and
After five weeks he must have been pretty sore.
Now we pray that Gordon is in God's good hand,
And pray Chelsea and Larry will take care of his land."