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No embarrassment in being scammed! Credit Union wants residents to arm themselves with knowledge

The Biggar Credit Union is reminding residents that scams and scoundrels continue to bilk many of their hard-earned cash, and with March labelled ‘Fraud Prevention Month’, they’re hoping people take a more pro-active approach to combating thieves.

Manitoban pop group ‘Sweet Alibi’ at the Majestic, March 22

You will be musically swept away by pop trio Sweet Alibi this Thursday, March 22 as the Biggar Arts Council presents their sixth show of the season.

Trans Pacific agreement good for farmers but don't count your eggs (or turkeys) just yet by Calvin Daniels

The recent signing of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (CPTPP) in Santiago, Chile is generally being seen as a positive occurrence for Canadian farmers, well on the grain side of things at least.

She stumped you all this month! by the Biggar Museum and Gallery

There was no winner for the February 'What's It'. Nobody could correctly identify what our What's It lady put out for you all to guess.